Telepathy and other truths..

I remember holding his hand to my face, soaking in his scent, trying to hold onto that moment as long as it would let me. The nurse was waiting in the hall and I knew my mother, my uncle and my grandmother wanted some privacy to say a final goodbye. So my moment with him started to fade and then quickly let me go. I placed his hand on his chest and stroked his cheek. It had grown pale, on the other side his face pink as the blood had already started to pool. He was gone. Such a foreign concept. My grandfather had died, just now, in front of me. He had left. He was alive and now he wasnt. My head swirled trying to comprehend what that meant as I exited the room and sat in the hallway.

Grief is powerful. A pungent aching that clearly reflects the piece of you that was really them is gone. Just as blood pumps through your viens carrying oxygen to your heart your loved one’s energy carries oxygen to your soul. And when either are restricted it can leave you feeling crippled and in agonizing pain.

This, really, is quite a large concept to grasp if you sit and ponder it. If we are merely evolutionary wonder of lungs, eyes, toes, brain, heart, ect..with the anomaly of conscousness spontaneously occuring when the mechanics begin to work in unison, how is it that we ache when another collection of mechanics stops working? If we start and end with just ourself, why are we affected when another isn’t a part of our life?

And even if we say that we are the most advancely evolved (whatever that means), why do other animals do this too? Elephants, for example, also bury their dead. Dogs sit by their owners for hours, even days, after a death has occured. Why does this happen? Why are we so emotionally invested in others if we truly operate completely seperate of them? Why are we naturally relational beings if there is no need for our surivival from it. If my neighbor eats an apple, it will not nourish my body, so why do I care if they are in my life?

This may sound rediculous, and maybe somewhat obvious, but if we aknowledge that yes others affect us even if we do not need them for our body to surivive, are we not then aknowledging that we need more than fuel for our mechanics? That perhaps we indeed have (for lack of a better word) souls, a spirit, a mind, a consciense, intuitive self…whatever that term is you use to refer to it, but for this post I will refer to it as a soul. And if we all have souls, aren’t we also aknowledging that we are bigger, greater, more complicated than our b\odies represent?

So, if we are bigger than our bodies represent, then we need noursihment that is greater than our bodies. Which makes sense. It is scientifically proven that stress affects our health. Why is that? Why would an emotion affect our body? And vise versa, when we are in love we are more energetic, more alert..etc.

We must feed our soul so that our body is in its greatest health. And what’s even more interesting is that our soul and body not only are intertwined but that they are seperate identities. It is possible to be in good health yet also be in emotional agony, just as it is possible to be in poor health but feel positive and hopeful. It is just harder to achieve, and may need to take more nourishment of one or the other to begin to rebalance the the soul with the body.

But because we are humans, we tend to believe in the concrete. The measurable. The tangible, however obvious the intangible may be.

There is a study titled ‘Conscious Brain-to-Briain Communication in Humans using Non-Invasive Tehcnologies’. I’ve included the link below in case you would like to read the full article. In essence, it is study about telepathy. Two scientists, thousands of miles apart, scientifically created a scenario where they could measure and provide proof of telephatic communication between two men, on different parts of the earth.

Their experiement proved successful.

Yes, they did create documented proof of a two word message sent telepathically.

And this is not new information as well. Technology has been harnessing the energy of thought, that extra part of all of us, to communicate with things such as artificial limbs and robots already.

The extra, the soul, the spirit in all of us, previously deemed intangible, has such great substance to it that it is now being harnessed and redirecting the way technology is created.

This unmeasurable part of our selves, greater than our mechanics, is becoming measurable…quickly.

So this leads me to my next thought. If we all are greater than our bodies, the illusion that our mechanics are where we start an end…than we are all truly endless beings.

And if we are all endless, then we are all one.

So I implore you to consider that perhaps the reason we grieve so profoundly for our loved ones passing is because they were a main nourshing source for our soul. Just as we would be devasted at the loss of our main water source for fear of dehydration of our body.

But a drought does not just affect those directly in it.

If you are endless and nourish my soul, then I am endless and nourish yours, even if we do not physically know each other. And how we take care of our souls will affect each other.

Because just as our body is negatively impacted and sometimes irriversibly impaired by injesting poison or being deeply cut, our soul is negatively impacted by toxic relationships or cut downs by others. And just as our bodies are energized and fueled freshly grown food and water, our soul thrives when we allow ourselves to connect through grace, love and compassion.

We are all endless. We are all one.

Race, religion, weight, sexual orientation, gender, political beliefs…all are illusions of seperations from one another. If you are hurt, so am I. If I am loved, so are you. We are all connected, because we are greater…much, much greater…than our mechanics.

‘Consious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans using Non-Invasive Technologies’
(the picture from this post is also taken from this study)

6 thoughts on “Telepathy and other truths..

  1. First and foremost, I am so very sorry to hear you’ve lost your grandfather. My heart goes out to all who are impacted by the loss of this precious soul.
    Second, I’m baffled as to how I’ve missed your recent posts…I’m “following” and don’t recall seeing your latest offerings as I’ve scrolled down the list…anyway, thank you for commenting on my post…which made me click on yours…
    Your writing is as beautiful as your heart…is as intelligent as your depth of understanding…and is a genuine as your soul. You are such a blessing…thank you for reaching out…and reaching us…we are better for having you in our world. πŸ™‚

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  2. You are too kind. Thank you for sharing your small gesture of kindness that has now left a large impact for me. πŸ™‚ And thanks for your words about my grandpa. This was years ago, but his death just like his life, taught me many things. Thanks for stoping by! It is truly a pleasure!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The loss of your grandparent is truly devastating, I am truly sorry for your loss. Your writing is beautiful and your concluding words remind me of the words from the movie V for Vendetta, where one tortured prisoner passes a note to a stranger in the neighbouring cell , which goes along the lines of ‘ I may never know you, laugh with you, hug you or kiss you but believe me when I say I truly love you’ ..

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