Lightning Shine

Sometimes when I want to hear the words of inspiration, I need to write them. And if they truly want to get me fueled up, they come out in poetic form. So you may have noticed the poems lately as a different writing process. I am an observer just as you. This poem woke me up last night. So in order to sleep I wrote it down. I think my subconscious is feeling electrified from all the writing. So, I sit back, let creativity run its course, and thank you again for your role as an audience. It has given me a sense of voice that is so empowering. I believe allowing yourself to feel inspiried is a form of self-love. And people who love themselves have more love to give others. So thank you for helping me love myself greater, so that I may love you greater as well.

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what your thoughts and how your inspriation comes to you as well!

I watched lightning hit my window

my fingerprints burned into glass

It shattered there before me

Taking with it my happy mask

The empty payne stood mocking

My empty pain understood

This window wasn’t for watching

It was keeping me in the should

Freedom roared in the windstorm

Fear crawled under my bed

This was a conscious choice I was making

I was getting out of my head

And so this new world bestowed to me

No room for shackles that confine

I was growing greater inside of me

Guilt and shame no longer collide

The lightning again it found me

Through my vein it flows and resides

So I walk forth with glowing trajectory

With each step my lightning then shines

4 thoughts on “Lightning Shine

  1. Your writings are inspired. And, inspiration is indeed empowering and electrifying…
    For me, when it hits, it feels so validating…like God is encouraging me to keep going…like He’s given me a treasure to care for and share…like He knows He can trust me with the honour and responsibility of blessing others with my genuine desire for connection and encouragement. So, in that spirit, I believe that God has entrusted you with a very special gift and mission…and, I am so very grateful that He has seen fit that you and I have connected…you are such a breath of fresh air…an immense blessing…not just for me, but for so many others….your contribution is beyond measure. Thanks for sharing…and inspiring 🙂

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  2. What a gem you are. A true treasure. I am so grateful for you and that you are sharing your talents with me! What a gift, thank you. For your words, I am humbled.
    Your comment gave me an Aha! moment…isnt inspiration really just God whispering in your ear, showing you glimpses of your potential through his eyes. It moves me to think of how massive it is to be loved so greatly that it can radiate off of the words of a person I have never even met. Just as he is desperate for you to know how much he loves you that his love for you is entrechned in the message he has given me to write. He must just be so excited for us to know of this love that he is bursting, simpling marveling at ways to let us know it through each other.
    I agree, he has connected us for a reason. And I really am so grateful that he has and so excited to see what is in store as our relationship grows through him! Thank you for sharing your kindness with me.

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