My Dream Is A Tigress

My dream is a Tigress

Though at first only a sound

A muted roar that rumbles

in her throat deep down

Her presence made known

by the hair on my neck

She hasn’t seen me

At least not yet

Fear rumbles through me

and tells me to hide

The bush that recieves me

Now our only divide

She snorts and shakes

My eyes behold of her might

Her breath seeths from within

and then clouds in the night

Theres a churning inside me

someting foreign and strange

My destiny is beckoning

Its time for a change

I bare my teeth

and clench my fists tight

I must claim what is mine

I accept the fight

I step out in the clear

My chest puffed and erect

The Tigress then turns

and licks her lips wet

I crouch and she coils

Her fangs shown in the night

We circle and it begins

The wind calls forth our plight

Her eyes boil with rebellion

She is unclaimed and un kempt

She lunges forward and hits me

My eyes fall blind but my vision’s set

She turns to run

but by the tail she is snagged

She roars in the night

across my cheek her nails dragged

My head is spinning

Blood flows to my chest

But through the pain I’m grinning

“You haven’t killed me yet!”

I jump, nothing barring

Through her coat my fingers slide

On her neck I grip with conviction

I let go of and beam with pride

My momentum pulls me above her

My legs dig deep in her sides

She roars out calling the thunder

I laugh ‘cus I have lightening inside

With a kick she jumps then plunge forward

She is a frantic and wild delight

My head back as I summon the wonder

I howl out and my cry fills the night

She is mine and is claimed by no other

My courage unconquered by fright

My dream now bows to my keeping

Two feral souls now riding as one

My destiny, my soul is now seeking

My Tigress, we’ve just begun

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